Tricks To Create a Great Sensory Experience

Nov 04, 2018

Do you think the music you hear, aromas you smell and lighting you experience in a restaurant matters? And if so how much does it matter?

I am always surprised that so many restaurant operators don’t appreciate the importance and value in these critical sensory opportunities to improve the overall guest experience.

I am also a big fan of aroma and I love walking into a restaurant and inhaling captivating aromas that warms my heart and bring a smile to my face. I also like great lighting that creates a warm, inviting and comfortable environment that makes me feel welcomed.

While aroma and lighting are critical elements to creating a memorable guest experience I really feel strongly that the music is what creates the vibe and energy of a restaurant. Whether you realize it or not, sound guides our choices every single moment.

Great background music can make or break the dining experience and yet it’s oftentimes overlooked as part of the restaurant design strategy. Your music should always support your brand positioning and be a focus not an after thought.

From my perspective I think the Hillstone Restaurant Group really gets it right. When you’re in any of their dining rooms you will see speakers positioned in the ceiling at every four feet so it’s not blasting. Also the music programming is spot on and supports their brand strategy. They do not allow staff members to share their favorite playlists.

There are numerous interior design strategies that are vital for any successful restaurant regardless of the dining segment. Lighting, seating layout, materials, and colors all combine to deliver a great customer experience to bring a restaurant to life.

Is your restaurant is experiencing softer sales and fatigue? From our perspective a restaurant should get some form of a face-lift every 8-10 years to remain relevant and competitive. If you need some professional help give us a call.

-Dean Small