Tap into Technology

Nov 21, 2021

By David Lessin, Culinary Consultant


As technology advances all around us, it raises many questions regarding our future resources in the hospitality industry. So, we look for new and innovative equipment and technology that can help us mitigate using natural resources and give us more precision and consistency in our cooking and service at restaurants.


Many equipment manufacturers that we have come to know and rely upon throughout the industry are looking to add innovative new technology to kitchen appliances that operators are familiar with. The commercial induction range has become a rising star in that category. The induction range, which uses precision heat, has become an ideal commodity for many operators looking to scale down their kitchen footprint or prefer not to rely on natural gas. Induction ranges can be much easier to clean as well, which can reduce labor for some.


Also, as hiring becomes an increasing struggle for operators, many look to robotics. Companies like Richtech Robotics and Keenon Robotics have created a fleet of runner and busser bots to alleviate the strain restaurant owners are encountering in our country at this time. Do you think your business would benefit from the latest technology? Reach out to Synergy to learn more about options that would fit your business model.

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