29 May

Synergy Selected by Leading Indonesia Seafood Dining Chain

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Synergy Restaurant Consultants

D’Cost Seafood Restaurants, Indonesia’s market leader in the highly competitive seafood arena, has chosen Synergy Restaurant Consultants to generate new operating strategies that will keep the chain at the vanguard of its industry in Indonesia.


“We are honored to be working with D’Cost whose mission is at once to serve price sensitive hungry people who like to eat freshly prepared seafood. D’Cost provides 5 star quality guest experiences at STREET HAWKER prices. Currently, D’Cost, at its 54 locations, provides a delicious experience to 80% of the middle to lower-middle class diners in the entire country. They have developed a reputation for a highly original, ‘against the grain’ marketing programs that most food executives wouldn’t even consider,” commented Dean Small, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the worldwide consulting collaborative.


The courageous marketing initiative that the D’Cost executives pioneered is known as “Up to You” wherein customers pay what they can afford for their meal. “The loyalty and trust their brand inspires is almost unprecedented in restaurant chains. They have successfully and ‘in a huge way’ married quality and caring as their dual offering to their customers. Synergy is being engaged on a number of initiatives,” continued Small. Currently, Synergy is working on streamlining D’Cost’s kitchen operations as well as creating strategies to improve operating efficiencies and put the chain on a fast-track growth mode. Moving forward, Synergy will be working with D’Cost Seafood management team to create two additional brands to support the growing Indonesian market.


D’Cost Seafood started operations just 6 brief years ago in South Jakarta and has now expanded in eight major cities throughout Indonesia. Synergy is the nationally recognized multi-disciplinary leader in food consultancies and is headquartered in Orange County, California. For more information, https://www.synergyconsultants.com or call Dean Small at (949) 500-1733.

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