Restaurants Get Creative to Mitigate Menu Price Increases

Jun 18, 2014

Many national restaurant chains are getting creative to help curb the effects of menu price increases.  Brands such as Chipotle and McAlister’s Deli are using different menu innovation tactics to soften the blow of rising prices.  In an effort to maintain value for customers, Chipotle targeted specific proteins for price increase, for example, raising the price of steak more than chicken.  McAlister’s introduced sandwiches that offered more meat for more money, instead of scaling back on protein portions to keep prices down.  To diversify their menu, BD’s Mongolian Grill added a new menu category that offers cooked-to-order entrees and sides that will complement the restaurant’s signature build-your-own stir-fry offering.  This new segment will offer a variety of price points and give consumers more choice and flexibility in their budgets.