30 July

Restaurant Career Advice

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Restaurant career tips

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve received from a restaurant manager or boss?

“When it comes to managing people, always be sure you’ve done your best to provide all the knowledge, tools and opportunity for the team to do their job.  If you can’t definitively say that you have, then the blame for sub-par performance lies with you.”

  • Danny Bendas, Managing Partner

“A little bit of recognition goes a long way- be keenly aware of the overachievers. Never make a decision when you are angry.”

  • Dean Small, Founding Partner

“Be a servant manager by adjusting your management style to suit the person and the situation.”

  • Anne Haerle, Concept Development & Culinary

“Fail fast and pivot often.”

  • Natasha Reta, Culinary

Or if you’ve been a boss in the past, what’s the best advice you’ve given to a restaurant employee?

“Learn! Learn! Learn!  The more you learn, the brighter your career path, the more valuable you become and the higher you can climb the ladder.”

  • Danny Bendas, Managing Partner
Blog, Restaurant Management