More restaurants today utilize online-ordering systems to increase sales

Aug 28, 2010

You’re hungry, it’s almost 15 minutes until lunch, but today you’ve only got half an hour to purchase and eat your meal. Without hesitation you hop onto the corner deli’s website to order your favorite pastrami sandwich. Browse. Click. Order. Pickup. This is a common scenario consumers go through each day – using new technology to simplify their lives just a bit.

Business people have taken notice that consumers are drawn to services that cater to their needs and create convenience. Not surprisingly, restaurants are increasingly integrating online ordering systems to accommodate these wants. And why wouldn’t they? Having an online ordering system is abundant in advantages.


No waiting: Who likes waiting in line? With an online ordering system, a patron can schedule their order ahead of time and it would be ready by the time they arrive.

Ease of ordering: You can furnish your online menu with photos of each dish, the price, suggestions and an area where the customer can give special instructions (wheat bread, no mayo, extra onions).

Shorter lines: As more customers order online, restaurant lines can decrease!

Insights: After time, you can begin analyzing the type of foods customers order, how often, how much, and when. All this is valuable for understanding what your customer wants.

Increased sales: When you provide a consumer with more options, they have a higher chance of becoming a repeat customer. Not everyone is content with traditional means of food ordering and because many restaurants are already utilizing this new technology, you will be disadvantaged in an already competitive environment.

Why are some restaurants still not utilizing this? One reason can be that technology is a bit intimidating to some managers and owners, however please note you don’t have to be a tech guru to do so. As food consultants with over 20 years of experience, we’ve seen trends come and go. In the case of online ordering, it is certain that utilizing this technology will increase sales and that this “trend” will soon become a standard that consumers will look for and expect. If you’re serious about implementing an online ordering system, quickly and efficiently please contact Synergy.