Listening to the Clean Eating Movement

May 12, 2015

As we continue to digest the news of Chipotle freeing its menu of GMO ingredients, Panera announced its plans to remove artificial additives and ingredients from its food. This new approach is extending past foodservice: Just last month, Kraft said it would no longer use artificial coloring or preservatives beginning January 2016. Pepsi similarly revealed its plans to drop aspartame from their diet beverages.


It’s no coincidence that more and more brands are changing their approach to food and ingredients. The “clean eating” movement, or, having a diet that is as close to natural as possible, is becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Brands are simply giving with their customers want, and these days, it’s all about nixing the bad stuff, which other concepts like LYFE Kitchen have made it a point to do.


If you are a restaurant operator or food producer, it might be time to rethink your ingredients as consumer sentiment continues to shift towards clean eating. Ask yourself the following questions of your food:


  • Do my ingredients use fake food coloring?
  • Can I remove artificial sweeteners from my beverages? Can I offer consumers alternatives?
  • Can I find a source for minimally processed ingredients?


For more information on food additives, the FDA has a handy article here.

Of course, any change in menu can take considerable planning, time and potentially cost. For expert consultation, please contact Synergy Restaurant Consultants.


Panera photo credit: Mike Mozart CC by 2.0