Hot Food Trend 2017: Healthful Kids’ Meals

Jan 20, 2017

Healthier food options have been trending in recent years and don’t seem to be standing still. This trend is steadily on the rise every year. What is remarkable now though is that children are becoming a part of this trend. We’re seeing kids’ meals getting healthy makeovers everywhere from McDonald’s to more upscale venues.


Parents are demanding healthier options for their children so it’s easy to see why this trend is becoming ingrained in our culinary creations. Of course, no one is completely ditching the sides of fries or sodas, but having available healthier options to choose from is truly the key for success with families.


So while certain items will never be off the menu, you’ll now start seeing healthier options alongside them. If there’s a chicken sandwich, you’ll see a grilled version. Sides of steamed vegetables, vegetable or fruit sticks. Salads, whole wheat bread, organic milk or juice instead of soda are other big changes you can expect to see on menus everywhere.


It makes sense that restaurants should start wooing children that dine out. Children are already going out to dinner with their families. One day, they will be grown up and will go out to eat on their own. As the frequent diners of tomorrow, the restaurant industry is keen to build a good rapport with these children now. Helping them establish positive eating habits with food that tastes good yet is nutritionally proper is essential for future success in the industry.


Getting in on this trend is a smart way to increase sales in the long run for almost every restaurant in existence. Cultivating the palates of children now helps set the foundation for a generation of adults who enjoy eating their food to taste it and appreciate it as opposed to mindlessly grazing on food that has little to no nutritional value.