13 May

Crafty Ways Restaurants Cut Costs

Synergy Restaurant Consultants | Restaurant Management
Synergy Restaurant Consultants

Synergy was interviewed for this WSJ article by NEIL PARMAR:

When it comes to dining out, Kevin Moll is the kind of frugal patron restaurant owners would love to see more of. The father of two from Denver always passes on the cream and sugar. He never pours a blob of ketchup next to his fries. Even better, after enjoying a plate of barbecued ribs, he usually prefers to wipe his saucy fingers with a cloth napkin, since the cleanup job would require at least three of the paper variety. And don’t even get him started on carbonated beverages. This is a guy who prefers cola a little watered down.

With hard times still taking a bite out of restaurant profits, more Kevin Molls are turning up at their tables — not as patrons but as professional nitpickers. The 50-year-old CEO of National Restaurant Consultants is one of a burgeoning wave of efficiency experts who focus on restaurants, checking for unused half-and-half and testing the syrup level in fountain drinks.


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