Big Advances in Pay-at-the-Table Technology

Oct 05, 2014

E La Carte, a pioneer in pay-at-the-table technology, has just raised $35 million in new venture capital and debt financing. The company’s flagship product, Presto Systems, allows diners to order food and pay their bills from tablets installed at the table and is currently being used at restaurant such as Applebee’s and Genghis Grill.

The benefits of pay-at-the-table technology include:

* Consumers can view menu information as soon as they are seated

* Diners can play games and access other digital entertainment while they wait for their food

* Restaurants can turn tables, on average, 7-10 minutes faster

* The average tab has increased by over 5%

* Wait staff tips have increased by an average of 16%

Given the advantages to both restaurants and consumers, we’re likely to see more of this technology soon. Read more about the new technology here.