23 April

Abu-Ghazaleh Celebrates Synergy Anniversary With Promotion

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Salma Abu-Ghazaleh recently celebrated two years with Synergy Restaurant Consultants and has significantly expanded the company’s presence in the Middle East.


For the last two years, Salma Abu-Ghazaleh has dedicated her exceptional networking skills to Middle East business development for Synergy Restaurant Consultants, one of the nation’s most respected culinary firms. Recognizing her enormous contributions to the organization, partners Dean Small and Danny Bendas decided to expand her role.

“Salma has been invaluable in getting Synergy’s Client Services in order,” commented Small. “As she pursued new opportunities for us in the Middle East, she developed some significant methodologies that have streamlined our proposals and operations and her templates have now been adopted company-wide.” Abu-Ghazaleh’s strategies were so effective that she increased SRC’s Middle East client base by 250% in 6 brief months. She also impacted the firm’s web presence by implementing an Arabic language feature.

More recently, Abu-Ghazaleh has participated in actual concept and menu development, interfacing with clients on an ongoing basis. “We realized how strong Salma’s “people skills” were and felt that she was being underutilized. Her educational c.v. is impressive. Amherst. American University of Beirut. Executive courses from Harvard.    What is more impressive is how she has totally integrated what she learned with how she works,” added Bendas. Now Abu-Ghazaleh has added “Project Management” as her newest appellation and recognition. “Salma has a great future with Synergy because she has an incredible ability to grow her skillset with our company’s rapid growth,” Small concluded.

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