What is AI-Assisted Voice Ordering, and Should Your Restaurant Use It?

Sep 07, 2023

AI-assisted voice ordering is a trending topic in the restaurant industry. It refers to using artificial intelligence (AI) and voice recognition technology to facilitate and enhance the process of placing orders or making purchases using voice commands.

DoorDash is launching AI-powered voice ordering technology to help restaurants answer all incoming customer calls, addressing the issue of unanswered calls, which can lead to potential revenue losses. This innovation combines AI with live agents to ensure quick response times. It also provides personalized recommendations to customers and allows for orders in multiple languages, offering a seamless and efficient ordering experience. Additionally, DoorDash offers a white-label solution for restaurants to facilitate the delivery of phone orders, enhancing the overall customer experience. This initiative aims to help restaurants grow their sales and meet customer expectations.

Restaurant chain Wingstop is testing an AI solution to streamline voice ordering. In a pilot program, they use ConverseNow’s voice-AI virtual assistants to handle phone orders at select locations. These virtual assistants aim to provide a natural, conversational, and personalized phone ordering experience. The AI also processes phone orders like online orders, allowing employees to fulfill AI orders without additional training. The virtual assistants use machine learning to offer automated, dynamic, and personalized upselling offers based on Wingstop’s menu items. This technology aims to eliminate missed calls and hold times during peak hours, freeing up staff to serve in-person customers. Wingstop offers phone orders in English and Spanish, allowing customers to speak to a live person if preferred.


In What Ways Can AI Assisted Voice Ordering Help Your Restaurant?

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Implementing AI-assisted voice ordering in a restaurant setting can greatly enhance efficiency, improve customer service, and boost sales. Here’s how you can use this technology effectively:


Personalized Recommendations: Implement AI algorithms to provide personalized meal recommendations based on customer preferences, order history, and current promotions.

Order Customization: Customers can customize their orders using voice commands, specifying ingredients, portion sizes, and special instructions.

Order Tracking: Provide real-time order tracking through voice updates or an online platform so customers can monitor the status of their orders.

Multilingual Support: AI systems can understand and respond to orders in multiple languages to accommodate diverse customer bases.

Voice-Based Customer Support: Implement a voice assistant for customer support, addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and providing information about the restaurant, such as hours of operation.

Drive-Thru Efficiency: If your restaurant has a drive-thru, AI voice ordering can streamline the process, reduce wait times, and enhance accuracy.

Accessibility Features: AI voice ordering systems may be able to provide more accessibility features to individuals with disabilities, offering options like voice commands or touch interfaces.

Data Analytics: AI can analyze customer order data for insights into popular items, peak ordering times, and customer preferences, which can inform menu updates and marketing strategies.

Marketing and Promotions: Utilize the AI system to promote special deals, loyalty programs, or new menu items to customers during ordering.


What Do You Need to Consider Before Implementing AI-Assisted Voice Ordering at Your Restaurant?

  • Is the quality of the voice interaction natural and conversational, avoiding clunky robotic experiences? Voice AI should mimic normal speech patterns and allow fluent conversations.
  • Can the technology perform well in challenging physical conditions, including noisy environments, rain, wind, and snow? Quality microphones and speakers are crucial.
  • How quickly can the system integrate with your menu data? Look for voice tech that integrates easily and swiftly with your point-of-sale (POS) system.

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