15 August

Visiting the great food trucks and other treasures in LA

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As you know, we at Synergy often venture out far and wide, across the nation searching the latest food trends. Recently, we checked into the hottest food scene there is in LA — food trucks! Now this is definitely “meals on wheels” on a whole other level. There are now chefs that are hanging up their chef hats to rent these trucks for the day to cook their favorite foods on the trucks and become specialists in one area.

Kogi, one of the most popular food trucks, serves Asian fusion dishes, namely, Korean BBQ tacos. It doesn’t just stop with unique taco trucks either. In L.A. you can find a huge select of different food trucks, serving dishes from American classics to decadent desserts. In fact, food trucks have become so popular, not only in L.A. but across the U.S., the the Food Network has launched a new show to debut tonight called, The Great Food Truck Race where 5 food trucks compete for $50,000.

Check out the photos from our L.A. food mission, including a visit to the popular L.A. food landmark, Pink’s Hot Dogs

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