Synergy Restaurant Consultants Retained by Desert Glory

Mar 23, 2009

Synergy Restaurant Consultants was retained by the highly acclaimed Desert Glory Tomato Company. Desert Glory Tomatoes are well known by highly respected chefs for its natural sweetness, rich tomato flavor and unique taste. Desert Glory markets its tomatoes under the Nature Sweet brand to leading grocery stores across the nation. Desert Glory owns and operates the largest independently owned greenhouse operation in North America.

“Our goal is to show restaurant operators the value of this sweet and underutilized tomato through innovative menu development and “WOW” plate presentations.” exclaimed Dean Small Managing Partner for Synergy Restaurant Consultants. “This sweet tomato is so unique that once operators have the opportunity to taste it there will be no doubt in their mind that it is a superior product they will seek for use in their restaurant operations.”

“In today’s competitive environment if you’re not all about flavor, it’s difficult to compete. The Desert Glory tomato compliments all salads and has a wide range of center of the plate menu applications. Besides the rich flavor, the other obvious benefits are the tomato’s durability, labor saving advantages and branding opportunities.” Small summarized.