7 May

Synergy Hired To Optimize Culiacan-Based Chain Operations

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Synergy Restaurant Consultants

When Cantonese/Mexican fusion chain Tai-Pak decided to revamp their operations, they contacted a firm with impressive multi-unit credentials, Synergy Restaurant Consultants. “We were delighted that Jaime Alejandro Pun Fok reached out to us for this assignment because Synergy is uniquely qualified to deliver the kinds of results they were seeking,” stated Danny Bendas, Co-Founder and Partner.

SRC’s assignment addressed most aspects of Tai-Pak’s business model from its purchasing practices, to kitchen efficiencies, from the guest experience to staff uniforms all the way through taste-testing menu items. Additionally, a brand positioning session directed by Warren Ellish, a Synergy associate and attended by Tai-Pak’s executive team will inform the future development of the brand.

The Synergy team further identified and developed marketing programs to create additional brand recognition and increased sales as a result of their comprehensive analysis.

Synergy Restaurant Consultants is a 20-year old firm specializing in the creation, assessment and improvement of multi-unit food service providers, both consumer-driven and commissary-centric.

Blog, Press Releases