30 August

Snacking Drives More Traffic and Sales

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Restaurant Snacks

Snacks—it’s not just bagged chips or veggies and dip. According to Technomic’s 2018 Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report, 39 percent of consumers changed their idea of snacks in the last two years. Moreover, the Millennial and Gen Z cohort are increasingly replacing meals with snacks.


As restaurants struggle to find new revenue streams to combat higher labor and operating expense a great way to drive top-line sales and frequency is to be known as a place to find great, innovative and affordable snacks.


Case in point: Yard House has a dedicated snack menu with unique items such as shiitake garlic noodles, hot and spicy edamame, and buffalo cauliflower. If you’ve tuned into your favorite show recently, you may have noticed Taco Bell’s commercial for “Nacho Fries” made to look like a real dramatic movie trailer. This Nacho Fries snack menu offering has prompted two new spin-off test items — Rattlesnake Fries and Reaper Ranch Fries. Still not convinced that snacking is a fast-growing trend? Check out Jack in the Box—they serve up “Munchie Mash-Ups” on the Late Night menu. These include different styles of hash with fun names like Wakey Bakey Hash, Jack’d Jalapeno Hash, and H’angry Chicken Hash all priced at three dollars each.


It’s not just bars or fast-food chains that can serve up snacks—casual and even fine dining eateries can offer affordable, small plates or “bites.” A happy hour menu with discounted snacks is a simple way to offer value to consumers as well. Cafes, juice bars, bakeries, and delis also have ample opportunity to sell snacks—think prepared foods (single-portioned fruit, cheese, and nuts for example) that customers can grab and go.


It’s clear that snacking is a trend not to be dismissed. Make sure your menu is catering to this new demand, and you’ll be sure to drive more traffic and increase sales.

Blog, food trends, Menu Development