Revitalized Focus on Service and Hospitality in Restaurants

Sep 17, 2014

Have you noticed exceptional service in restaurants lately? You’re not alone. An emerging trend is showing that restaurants are renewing their focus on service and hospitality. Instead of focusing on the chef and his/her of-the-moment food, servers are providing friendly service, helpful suggestions, and inviting the guest to relax and linger for a while. Some restaurants, such as Eleven Madison Park, go above and beyond and even research their diners before they arrive, using the information to enhance the guests visit. These restaurants are noted for their thoughtful, personal service:


The Restaurant at Meadowood, California – Guests can enjoy after dinner drinks and board games in the fireplace lounge

Eleven Madison Park , New York – Waiters perform card tricks in the dining room

Alinea, Chicago – The guest database includes personal photos along with dining preferences

Canlis, Seattle – Signature salads and drinks are prepared tableside

Melisse , Santa Monica – Special occasions are celebrated with unique treats from the kitcheN

Vetri, Philadelphia – Diners are offered a complementary glass of champagne before dinner and are sent home with a gift of coffee cake and chocolates for later.

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