Restaurant Branding for Startups

Feb 27, 2019

You’ve had a dream of owning your own restaurant for what seems like forever, and now things are finally coming into place. You have your funding, your location, and your menu. But how will you make your restaurant memorable? Will your brand be one that stands out from the crowd, or will it merely be one that blends in with “the sea of same?” Restaurant branding positioning against the competitive set is as important as the food you deliver to your guests. In the competitive restaurant landscape, great tasting food is just the first step towards success. As a restaurant startup, part of your business plan needs to include what your brand stands for. This brand identity needs to be conveyed through your restaurant design and restaurant marketing.

We recommend to our clients that they define their target market, their points of difference and the business they will be in as a first step to establish a cohesive brand strategy.  Think of all the different pizza brands, they all sell pizza, but each one has a different approach to winning business.

Brand development includes the strategic architecture of a brand in addition to the creative design of the logo and visual identity. This development is based on the market, customer, and business factors. The brand strategy is like the blueprints for your house. You must build the foundation, guidelines, and rules before you start construction. In its simplest terms you’re defining:

Who you are

What you do

Who else does what you do

Why you do it

Who you do it for

How you do it differently or better than the competition

Once you have established the brand strategy, you can develop a unique brand visual identity that expresses your ideas through the logo, color palette, fonts, and brand voice.

Brand consistency is key, as is raising awareness for your startup. Don’t forget to brand these facets of your restaurant to elevate brand awareness in your market:

  • Restaurant decor, restaurant menu (and takeout menus)
  •  Website and social media pages
  • Employee uniforms, if applicable (this depends on the type of restaurant you operate)
  • Packaging (bags, napkins, cups, containers, etc.)
  • Restaurant advertising
  • Music played in your location
  • Business cards

A successful brand strategy will ensure your new restaurant concept is cohesive and memorable.

If you need help developing your new concept or want someone to review your restaurant brand identity, contact Synergy today.