How to choose an executive chef for your restaurant

Feb 28, 2013

An essential aspect to a successful restaurant is no doubt a capable and expert staff.In the heart of the restaurant — the kitchen– the executive chef plays a key role.With multiple skills required to run a successful kitchen, the need for top-notch talent becomes ever more important. You can think of an executive chef’s role very much like that of your right-hand man
(or woman).

So how do you choose the best executive chef? Here’s our checklist:

  • Years of experience, especially in the same culinary style in which your restaurant specializes in
  • Must be passionate about food and have a good understanding of how to manage food and labor costs — this is a pennies business – manage the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves
  • Ability to multi-task and work under excellent under pressure
  • Natural leaders who work well with others and are direct and assertive
  • He/she must have impeccable time-management skills
  • Posses creativity, particularly the ability to add great dishes to the menu
  •  Be an effective communicator
  • An astounding attention to detail is extremely important
  • Above all else, having a passion for cooking is truly a must

There are are multiple avenues you can take when looking for chef resumes. For example, there are several sites online where you can search existing resumes and even post job ads at the same time. Try checking out your local Craigslist,,, and LinkedIn just to name a few. Never forget that referrals are also a great way to find good talent.