Haymaker Public House

Jun 01, 2024

Synergy Restaurant Consultants partnered with Haymaker Public House in Ann Arbor, MI,  to support their recent relaunch and reopening. Synergy did a holistic performance assessment of the business. We provided the owner with a very affordable turnaround strategy that would transform the restaurant into one of the best eating establishments in Ann Arbor.


This collaboration followed an assessment process and a concurrent recruitment project. Synergy’s focus was on enhancing Haymaker Public House’s operations and guest experience through several key initiatives:


  • Revamped Menu & Beverage Offerings: Synergy created a new and exciting sports bar menu emphasizing variety, attractive selections, and value. They re-engineered existing menus to introduce unique dishes and drinks, setting Haymaker Public House apart from the competition.


  • Strengthened Management & Staff Development: Synergy’s commitment to Haymaker Public House’s success is evident in the comprehensive onboarding plan developed for the newly recruited General Manager. This plan included an eight-day on-site training program and ongoing weekly coaching sessions. Additionally, Synergy created training materials and conducted hospitality, kitchen, and food & beverage presentation sessions for the entire staff, ensuring a well-prepared team.


  • Optimized Operational Systems: Synergy’s culinary expertise was instrumental in creating detailed support documentation for the kitchen and bar, outlining best practices for consistent implementation. This documentation has improved organization and workflow efficiency, as evidenced by the optimized kitchen layout resulting from Synergy’s collaboration with Haymaker Public House’s team. By implementing these strategies, Synergy aimed to ensure Haymaker Public House had a successful relaunch with a focus on operational effectiveness, high-quality food and beverage offerings, and a well-trained staff ready to deliver a superior guest experience.


Just last week, Haymaker held their grand re-opening to an eager crowd! Take a look at the delicious new menu items and revamped space.