Guest Satisfaction: A Top Driver for Restaurant Growth

Oct 09, 2014

Restaurateurs will be happy to learn that American consumers are starting to eat out again.  Data from 2013 reports that American families averaged about 4 meals per week outside of the home, almost a 60% increase from the end of the recession.  With this good news comes a very important learning: consumers are now more driven by quality than price. 


What does this new finding mean for restaurateurs?  Guest satisfaction and providing an exceptional dining experience are now more important than ever.  Not only can differentiated service help a restaurant overcome a subpar location, but it will also drive loyalty and repeat visits for guests.  It’s the difference between a growing restaurant and a failing one.


Here are a few ways to improve guest satisfaction:

  • Improve order accuracy
  • Focus on the food first
  • Connect with guests on social media
  • Look beyond receipt satisfaction surveys
  • Get to know your guest and try to remember their name — personal recognition goes a long way in building guest loyalty


Read the entire article here and be sure to contact Synergy Restaurant Consultants for help with improving your guest satisfaction rate.


Refill photo credit: Rick CC by 2.0