From Spirits to Hand Sanitizer

Apr 02, 2020

The coronavirus has taken a huge personal and economic toll on well, everyone. Many businesses have essentially been forced to cease operations or severely cut back their workforce during this crisis to slow the spread of the novel virus. The hospitality industry has especially been hit hard in multiple ways. Restaurants have been mandated to stop allowing dine-in guests and only offer drive-thru, delivery, or carryout, all while the general public has been told to stay at home.

With public fear of viral transmissions continuing to grow, the trustworthiness of eating food from outside the home is dropping. This phenomenon is worrisome to most restaurant owners. However,  some food and beverage businesses are pivoting beyond offering takeout by changing their entire business model and offering. 

No doubt, people are finding several items hard-to-find in stores and online: face masks, disinfecting wipes, and hand sanitizer. High demand and hoarding have made these products a scarcity, and unfortunately, many feel afraid and vulnerable without some of these safety products. Innovative-thinking distilleries have come to the rescue turning their key ingredient—ethanol alcohol– into something we all need now—hand sanitizer.

From Los Angeles to Maine, distilleries are trying to do their part. The recipe is simple: you’ll need at least 80 percent ethanol alcohol plus hydrogen peroxide glycerol and distilled water, according to the WHO. For some distillers, it was a no-brainer solution to the shortage. Several distilleries have donated their hand sanitizers, while others have options for others to purchase.


It’s not just your neighborhood brewery getting into the hand-sanitizing arena. Last weekend, Anheuser-Busch announced that it would redirect its sports and entertainment investments and begin producing hand sanitizer and donating it to the Red Cross. Tito’s vodka has joined in on the effort and said it would donate the hand sanitizers to their community and those most in need.

If you’re seeking a place to get hand sanitizer, Parade did a great job compiling a list of distilleries across the nation who are producing them. You can see the list here.

Synergy applauds the resourcefulness and generosity of these distillers, who are making a positive change through creative ingenuity