26 August

Behold the Power of Restaurant AI

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Restaurant AI

If you believe AI (artificial intelligence) is limited to just the tech and health sectors, think again! AI has made its mark in the hospitality industry in major ways. Case in point: TGI Fridays—the popular, 53-year-old franchise has recently reported a doubling of sales in its off-premise business in the past year, driven by AI in its marketing model, according to Sherif Mityas, TGI Fridays’ Chief Experience Officer. The “off-premise business” referred to includes activities such as customers ordering food through the TGI Friday’s bot via Instant/Direct Messaging. The company’s AI machine-learning bot works across multiple platforms (think Facebook, Twitter, and Alexa) to present customized experiences and offerings to consumers.  More about TGI Friday’s AI can ­be found here.

Synergy Restaurant Consultants reached out to its community in the hospitality space and asked what technology has been helpful in streamlining and improving operations as well as cost efficiency.

Some insightful feedback was noted:

“OLO which is Online Ordering has helped increase takeout sales by 15%. LSR which is Long Range Systems has improved our service and sped up our thru-put by a minute. Also CTUIT (I would add what this acronym stands for) reporting software has been very helpful with reviewing trends and with labor management.”

Another comment highlighted using AI.

“Artificial intelligence using through KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) Analysis report for managing steward, feedback for every customer…”

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Blog, Restaurant Technology