6 Tips for Improving Food Safety

Dec 17, 2015

With so much talk in the news regarding foodborne illnesses in relation to major restaurant chains, it is crucial to take a step back and reassess your restaurant’s food safety rules and processes. To some, food safety may seem like common sense, but it’s never a bad idea to have a refresher for your staff, especially those in the kitchen. Improper food handling can lead to disastrous results for your guests and your brand.


Here are six simple tips to help for improving food safety in your restaurant kitchen:


1)      Handwashing: This may sound like a no-brainer but it is of utmost importance that food handlers wash their hands, and do so properly and at the proper times (before work, after handling money or anything non-food, after using the restroom, etc.). See this handwashing video guide from Needlers.


2)      Clean your ice machines: Yes, even with ice there is danger of contamination. Ensure that your ice machines and bins are frequently cleaned. Find more information here at


3)      Keep your food out of the danger zone: Don’t leave your food in the incorrect temperature range wherein food-borne bacteria can grow. Regular checking of refrigerator temperatures is a good idea. Check out the USDA’s article on this topic.


4)      Keep cleaning: Don’t forget to clean grease traps, floor mats, ovens and more. See a detailed list here: restaurant kitchen cleaning list.


5)      Store meat on the bottom shelf: This can help prevent their juices from dripping down onto fresh produce and the like.


6)      Get connected with ServSafe: The ServSafe program helps foodservice professionals get educated and certified in food safety.