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Our Approach to New Concept Development and Restaurant Startup Support

New restaurant incubation process: to refine your vision
Competitive market review: To identify the white space in your market niche
Brand development: to help you position your brand and define points of difference
Financial modeling: to determine restaurant feasibility, startup costs and ROI
Technology: to help you manage the business
Creation of operating systems: to help you execute consistently in a scalable way
Product Development: to create innovative and executable menu items
Thoughtful restaurant design: to ensure a memorable guest experience

Simplicity is the cornerstone of a successful restaurant; execution is the secret to great guest experiences. The Synergy Restaurant Consultants team is passionate about achieving consistently great food and delivering warm hospitality. Our experience uniquely positions us to deliver outstanding results for you. The most successful restaurants begin with a big idea and a disciplined approach, culinary expertise and operational excellence. We provide a comprehensive concept development process that defines the details of your new brand with a resulting package of documentation that can be used for raising capital or securing favorable lease terms. Our proven restaurant startup method guides you through the steps that follow the incubation process with best practices and time-tested experience to ensure your successful start.

The restaurant business has a unique set of challenges that must be addressed from the earliest stages of concept development to ensure a viable financial model. New restaurants must take advantage of market trends but also anticipate what is coming next and be designed to fill a void by speaking directly to a target audience. It takes more than a list of menu items to create a new successful restaurant. In today's competitive environment you need a brand that connects with your core customer on an emotional level to break through the noise.

The restaurant industry continues to evolve and expand, inspiring investors and entrepreneurs alike to enter the market. The key to a successful new restaurant is in the details and ultimately, the guest experience created by those details. Every decision—from menu strategy to steps of service—is interconnected with other decisions, like kitchen design and labor planning. Synergy Restaurant Consultants will work with you to make sure you understand all the decisions you make from the outset and the impact they will have on your operations.

In addition to helping you develop your concept, Synergy Restaurant Consultants can facilitate each step of the startup process, generating everything from the operational infrastructure and HR systems to standardized recipes and menu design.

Call (888) 861-9212 or email today to find out how we can help you create a new restaurant concept designed for sustainable growth and how our team can support your restaurant startup beyond incubation through your grand opening.

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