Restaurant Consulting for Multi-Unit Operators

Consistent and positive guest experiences are the key to sustainable profitability and the greatest challenge for many multi-unit operators. Synergy works with your team to design solutions that are easily executed across multiple locations, always working with your operation’s existing capabilities in mind. When shifting demographics create a push for established brands to stay relevant, Synergy brings expert market knowledge to the table to help guide management through the strategic planning process and ensure your brand stays on-trend.

While rising costs challenge every operator, when those increased costs are spread across multiple units, the impact on the bottom line is especially significant. Synergy helps chain restaurants find operational efficiencies that can counterbalance increased labor costs and we can assess your supply chain and re-engineer your menu to reduce food costs. Synergy has helped more than 200 multi-unit brands in menu innovation, identifying missed opportunities and offering a fresh perspective to experienced leadership teams.

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