What It Takes to Be an Outstanding Restaurant Manager

Aug 10, 2021

Many qualities shape an outstanding restaurant manager, from a passion for what they do, patience, a positive attitude, teamwork, delegating and leading by example, and excellent communication skills. The best restaurant managers always have a great attitude, especially under pressure.

Anyone can learn the technical skills and knowledge necessary to run a restaurant if they have the right positive attitude, including serving, being proactive, and constantly improving themselves.

Restaurant managers regularly perform high-pressured, highly detailed tasks, but they incorporate a few additional values to make them excel.


Respect for Your Staff

Probably the best sure-fire way to get your staff to perform is to show them that you respect and value them.

Respecting your team is one of the most important traits a restaurant manager can show. They listen to their staff’s ideas and concerns, get to know them personally, and treat them like individuals.

When the staff feels heard and understood by their manager, they are more likely to show up consistently and perform their best. For example, when a worker shows up late or makes a mistake, a good manager would take them aside and try to figure out a way to help them be better—instead of publicly belittling or humiliating them.

Additionally, it never serves a manager to play favorites. Everyone on the team should have equal respect and opportunity.


Respect your staff, listen to them and train often!

Good Communication Skills

Outstanding restaurant managers know how to effectively communicate with their team, including providing constructive criticism to help their staff grow stronger.

Effective communication is a critical skill. Without it, your team may have a hard time feeling understood and connected. Morale can quickly plummet if no one is sure about policies, procedures, or even their performance.

Great communicators know how to resolve conflict, solve problems, be transparent, and praise and empower their team. An example would be daily meetings with the team to go over goals, daily specials, and invite anyone to take the floor.


Invest in Your Managers and Restaurant Staff

Every restaurant is unique, and a dedicated restaurant manager should have a solid understanding of the entire operation of your restaurant.

It’s always a good idea to give your managers access to consistent, ongoing training and certifications to enhance their skills and be more effective, especially since the food industry is constantly evolving and growing.

The most successful restaurants emphasize training their restaurant staff and managers, which leads to a more reliable, improved experience for your guests. Your restaurant manager is the most impactful person in your restaurant’s staff, operations, and guest experience. Investing in your manager is a dependable way to guarantee your restaurant’s success.


Invest in ongoing training


The restaurant industry is constantly adapting and changing, so your restaurant managers and staff should, too. Leadership and management training courses are a great start to helping your restaurant manager be the best.

One of the top reasons people quit their jobs is their boss. Understanding this and hiring a compassionate, patient, and competent manager is the best way to set the right culture for your restaurant. When you find the perfect manager, it’s always good to invest in them with thorough training so you can keep them happy for many years.