Viral Marketing for Restaurants – check out these ‘Harlem Shake’ videos!

Feb 19, 2013

Whether you enjoyed it or not, the pop video phenomenon “Gangnam Style”  has made a huge impression on the world (a whopping 1.3 billion views as today!). The pulsing beats and funny dance styles featured in the video had people viewing, sharing and imitating like crazy. But move over PSY, there’s a new “dance” taking the world by storm and it’s a different version of the “Harlem Shake” that you might already be familiar with.


A dance song by artist Baauer called “Harlem Shake,” has allowed countless of people to create their own funny viral videos. All are about thirty seconds long and follow a similar template: in a public venue, one person begins to dance to the “Harlem Shake” song and about fifteen seconds in as soon as the beat drops, more people instantly appear in the shot dancing along, typically wildly and in costume.


Homes, classrooms, offices, businesses, news stations and yes, even restaurants have caught the Harlem Shake bug and countless numbers have uploaded their own version to the world wide web. Savvy restaurant owners are taking advantage of viral marketing and posting their Harlem Shake video. Check out these restaurants’ video, including one from our own client, Toppers Pizza.


Toppers Pizza

Brendan’s Pub

Siddhartha’s Kitchen

Nu Crepes