Vegan and Vegetarian Menu Ideas

Aug 05, 2017

These days more and more people are interested in living a vegetarian or a vegan lifestyle. Sometimes people may identify as being a pescatarian; one who eats only fish. Others may opt for a semi-vegetarian diet and choose to only occasionally eat meat. In other cases, a vegetarian diet may be observed (daily or occasionally) due to a one’s faith, tradition or culture.


Wouldn’t it make sense then, to make sure your menu includes options for the dietary preferences of these customers? They’ll appreciate the availability of menu choices that fit their lifestyle. When it comes to vegetarian options, clearly items like salads, pasta, and vegetable-based meals are easy examples of meatless menu options. But how about something more varied and unique? What about vegan options? See our list below for some great menu ideas:

vegan menu

Stir fry with seitan: Seitan is is a faux meat made from wheat gluten. It has a very similar look and texture to real meat after it’s cooked. This versatile meal can be made completely vegan as well. Test with vegetables of your choice or try making a vegan “beef” and broccoli.

Fish burgers: Play with different fish types (breaded, non-breaded, cod, ahi, etc.) and buns. Throw on a special house-made sauce and you’ve got a great pescatarian, signature dish.

Vegan alfredo: A rich and decadent alfredo pasta dish can be easily adapted for vegans too. Instead of dairy-based cream, create your sauce using soaked cashews or purchase nut-based cheese, or use tofu, or boiled cauliflower as your base. Add a variety of seasonal vegetables for a colorful dish presentation.

Acai bowls: Oatmeal can get boring, so why not offer acai or pitaya bowls for breakfast? They are 100 percent vegetarian, vegan and very versatile. Popular toppings include bananas, strawberries, blueberries, coconut shavings, kiwi, sliced almonds, and granola. Let your customers customize the perfect bowl.

Vegan fritters: Sure to delight all eaters, zucchini fritters with a side of house aioli are a great vegan/vegetarian shareable item. You can even alternate with lentils or onions—you name it!


We hope this list inspired you to think outside the box with your vegetarian and/or vegan menu options. For expert menu development strategies, please contact Synergy!