29 April

Is your Restaurant all a Twitter?

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We have been harping for a long time about social media being the best marketing tool for restaurants. Every day some restaurant business comes up with a bright new concept to bring customers through the door.

The latest is Subway®, the sandwich shop franchise with 32,000 locations in 91 countries.

Subway has had a notable group of famous stars and athletes appear in their commercials. Now they have them all appearing in snippets on one ad. “Followers are encouraged to tweet to @subwayfreshbuzz and describe why the Famous Fan of the day is a great fit for SUBWAY restaurants.”

Each day’s contest will be focused on a different Famous Fan including Laila Ali, Carl Edwards, Jared Fogle, Jay Glazer, Blake Griffin, Ryan Howard, Nastia Liukin, Michael Phelps, CC Sabathia and Michael Strahan. The company gets involvement, a popular spokesperson chosen by the masses, and a database of people who will read whatever Subway texts to them.

Of course there is additional incentive.  By tweeting their views, followers will be entered into the chance to Subway gift cards, every day. People are also encouraged to follow the Famous Fans on Twitter who will be weighing in with their feedback on what makes them a great fit for the brand. Read the full press release here.

Who will win the competition? Truly, the winner is Subway.

How are you turning social media into mass market advertising? Need help with it…or even to understand it?  Contact us today at Synergy Consultants.

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