Touch screen restaurant table tops – is this the future?

Jan 25, 2013

At CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, many innovators have recently proudly demonstrated their nifty tech gadgets, but there was one in particular that caught our eye that was showcased last year.


Don’t pretend you’ve never played games with sugar packets or surfed the net on your phone while waiting for your food to arrive at your favorite restaurant. Perhaps you are familiar with the occasional annoying server that you wish would just hurry and take your order? The E-Table to the rescue!


Check out this video that reveals the cool features that this projected-oriented touch screen table has.


Touch screen tables are actually not a brand new concept and have been around for a few years. However advancements in technology make the newer products on the market even more amazing. Talk about elevating the restaurant guest experience! Ordering, playing games, surfing the net all at your table. How do you feel about this concept? Do you think restaurants would invest in technology like this? Share your thoughts!