The Pillars of Good Restaurant Management

Sep 19, 2022

The success of a good restaurant boils down to how well the organization can respond to the needs and wants of its customers. An eatery that follows the foundation, or pillars, of good restaurant management, can achieve a following of loyal customers, which is the goal of any successful business.

Customers want a positive experience and are willing to provide loyalty to restaurants where they feel recognized and rewarded. The restaurant must listen and communicate well with its customers while delivering the right products at the correct prices.

Long-term loyalty is difficult for restaurants to maintain, and overcoming the daily operational challenges depends on an effective system that all employees know about, understand, and implement.


Customers may walk into a restaurant but will not stay if the environment does not look sanitary. Achieving good cleanliness reviews takes a team effort by every individual working in the establishment.

Management that does daily assessments and assigns individual cleaning task schedules will be ahead of the game. Employees can be proud to participate with a team accountable for their workplace’s cleanliness.

Quality Food

When management invests in labeling and systems to provide customers with the freshest and the hottest food, the restaurant customer will be happy. It only takes one report of someone getting sick in an eatery because of poor quality food to shut a restaurant’s doors abruptly.

When a restaurant keeps a salad bar filled with fresh, colorful produce, the crunchy, tasty morsels will invite even the pickiest of eaters to keep coming back for more. Having an employee focus only on keeping the produce inviting without other tasks will be worth the added expenditure.


managing a restaurant

Fast and Accurate Service

Customers feel like they belong when a restaurant has highly trained, friendly staff. Each worker in the establishment should know their steps in the food serving process so that it’s not stressful for them.

A checklist, reminders, and supervised training give employees the confidence to quickly fill a correct food order. When the worker knows the steps, the menu, and the serving processes so well, they can perform the tasks in their sleep, the stress level is minimum, and the customer feels relaxed and friendly service.  The employees will benefit from receiving more extensive tips, and the restaurant is rewarded with loyal, returning, customers.
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Customers will take an inaccurate order personally. They will feel like the server did not listen to their preferences for an enjoyable meal or that the server did not care enough about them to deliver the ordered meal. Accuracy also means less wasted food which will be a financial advantage.


Marketing and Pricing

When a restaurant remains competitive and consistent in pricing, its customers know what to expect when they walk in the door. The establishment cannot make any money if they cannot provide a product for a profit, but a customer won’t come back if presented with an unexpected, outlandish bill at the end of the evening.

Marketing becomes easy when restaurant management knows their customers well and listens to what they want. The existing customer provides the profile for the target market.  By following the best clientele patterns and the guides of excellent restaurant management, the customers will be the restaurant’s best marketing tool.

Managing a successful restaurant is a tough job that takes skill and constant attention. Financial and personal rewards can be outstanding when an establishment provides customers with a positive experience with good quality food at affordable prices and a friendly atmosphere.

What type of skills does it take to be an outstanding restaurant manager? It doesn’t have to be a constant guessing game. With the best practices outlined above and Restaurant Management training from SynergyU, becoming a successful restaurant manager is just a matter of your desire and dedication to be one!