I Dare you! Can you handle these hot wings?

Jun 20, 2010


During my recent trip to Chicago, while I was checking out new burger concepts, I was also investigating wings.  I had heard that Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap had the best and hottest wings anywhere in the country. Of course, this was something I needed to confirm!

Having lived in Missouri for three years (the show me state) I had to experience this for myself.  Being an adventurous diner with a appetite for hot food I courageously ordered the hot wings.  At first glance they looked great and they were the jumbo type and crisp, just the way I like them.  After my second bite my mouth was ablaze – Dammmmn they were HOT!  After about 20 minutes of sucking on ice cubes and drinking multiple glasses of ice cold water I was finally able to speak.  I asked the chef what on earth did use to make the wings so damm hot.  He informed me that it was a pepper called  the ghost chili and that they needed a special permit by the US government to import them.  I have eaten a lot of very hot food from all over the world and if you could measure heat intensity in scoville (see below) this pepper would be off the grid.  I dare anyone to eat a dozen wings and try to have a conversation without using profanity to describe the heat intensity.  If you can, please send me an email with your comments of the experience.

More on the “Ghost Chili”

The bhut jolokia—also known variously by other names in its native region, most commonly naga jolokia — is a chili pepper generally recognized as the hottest in the world. The pepper is often called the ghost chili by Western media,[1][2][3] possibly erroneously.[4] The Hottest Buffalo Wings Around from ChicagoEatsTV on Vimeo.

Jake Melnick’s Corner on Tap

41 E Superior St
(between Rush St & Wabash Ave)
Chicago, IL 60611
Neighborhood: Near North Side