Synergy Rides the Bucatini Trend to Steam Plant

Feb 07, 2018

If you thought a plate of spaghetti had nothing new to offer, it’s time to get acquainted with bucatini, spaghetti’s beefier cousin. Besides being thicker and offering a more pleasing chew, bucatini boasts a thin hollow space inside which allows sauces to permeate the noodle. It’s the “stuffed crust pizza” of the pasta world.


Synergy brought this bigger, better noodle to the Steam Plant in Spokane, Washington with its inventive turn on pasta carbonara which debuted during the restaurant’s January 22nd opening. The bucatini noodles soak up an intensely flavorful sauce studded with house-smoked salmon, and topped with salmon roe for a pop of brine. Hand-shaved Parmesan, lemon zest, and dill sprigs complete the dish, which echoes the boldness of Steam Plant’s architecture and local guest’s affinity for salmon. Synergy’s culinary team is adept at turning a current trend into a compelling dish that reflects our client’s concept while wowing restaurant guests.

Smoked Salmon Pasta at Steam Plant Kitchen + Brewery