Synergy Adds Nutrition Practitioner/Academic to Consultancy

Nov 29, 2011

Karen Knoblaugh, MS, RD, will join the Synergy Restaurant Consultants team as a Registered Dietitian.

As Synergy Restaurant Consultants’ client roster continued to grow in the “healthy food service” niche, the partners recognized the increased opportunity for a Registered Dietitian to play a significant role on their team. Enter, Karen Knoblaugh, MS, RD.
From her role as a lecturer in the nutrition department of San Jose State University to her high-level memberships in the American Dietetic Association, the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network as well as her Presidency of the San Jose Dietetic Association, Karen has manifested a vast understanding of this dynamic area of the food world as well as her leadership within it.

“Her contributions to understanding the gluten-free movement and her command of Nutrition Science in which she earned a Master’s degree further validate our decision to add Karen to the Synergy team of exceptional professionals,” commented Danny Bendas, partner and co-founder of the global consultancy. “Karen’s extensive restaurant experience was crucial in formulating recipes and guidelines for our client LYFE Kitchen, a new concept which recently opened in Palo Alto.”

Synergy Restaurant Consultants is best known for its ability to scale restaurant concepts and has supported over 200 National Restaurant chains both domestically and internationally.