Squarespace and Tock, Hospitality Digitally Delivered

Apr 21, 2021

By: Natasha Reta, Culinary Consultant


Squarespace has been steadily rising in popularity by enhancing eCommerce through its user-friendly platform. Last year restaurants eager to improve sales in an otherwise “closed year” increased retail offerings sales, packaged goods, and merchandise.  So it is no shock to hear the news of the $400 million acquisition of Tock, the reservation system founded by the Alinea Group’s Nick Kokonas. Kokanas commented about the merger, “Combining Tock’s unified platform and years of hospitality industry expertise with Squarespace’s reach resources, and design-forward products, in our view, creates an opportunity to deliver a best-in-class solution to millions of entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world.”


Tock, awarded in Most Innovative Companies in 2021, has offered users a platform for reservations, take-out, and delivery. Designed by a professional team of restaurant hospitality enthusiasts, designers, and writers, The Tock platform not only delivers food but also delivers hospitality chosen by you through an easy-to-navigate platform, including experiences of art and culture, wine tastings, and fine dining.  It’s the only unified system with reservations, take-out, delivery, and events all in one.  In March 2020, Tock to Go helped thousands of restaurants and wineries rebuild their operations, lower costs, re-employ staff and eliminate the use of high-priced third-party delivery apps. They even included COVID-friendly floor plan customization and advanced waiting lists. With only a 3% commission of delivery orders and carry out, it was more affordable for restaurants than the 15-30% in fees that other third parties like Grubhub and DoorDash are charging their clients.


This new partnership with Squarespace means Tock can expand its premium hospitality service to a local area near you. Nick Kokonas of Alinea Group will remain CEO of the newly acquired reservation platform, saying, “the entire team will join Squarespace to support our clients in digitally connecting with the world- elegantly and with the same spirit of innovation we’ve fervently embraced.”


On the app or the web, Tock and Squarespace will be delivering exquisite hospitality through events, packages, dining, and more.  Get ready to enjoy the art and culture in your local community.