Restaurants Adapt to Appeal to Millennials

Sep 21, 2014

After several years of reduced traffic, restaurant owners are searching for ways to drive Millennials back into their establishments. Millennials, those aged 18-34, represent a large market segment but have reduced their restaurant visits and spent more time eating at home in the past few years. Many restaurants recognize this problem and are adapting their strategies in order to regain the lost traffic. According to a new study from the NPD Group, the following dining elements are most important to Millennials:


• Unique dining experiences
• Friendly service
• Fresh ingredients

restaurant marketing to millennial audience


Sizzler and LYFE Kitchen are two brands that have done an exceptional job in adapting to the preferences of Millennials. Sizzler, known for its appeal to families and seniors, recognized the influential power of Millennials and revamped the menu accordingly. Not only did they conduct research studies to discover Millennial taste preferences, they also hired Millennials for top positions in their marketing and R&D departments. This resulted in the opening of a new concept, Sizzler Market Grill, which offers premium ingredients, salad ‘mixologists’, and open seating areas, all of which create the unique dining experience that Millennials crave.


LYFE Kitchen, the California-based ‘flexitarian’ fast-casual concept, is passionate about their appeal to Millennials. When opening new units, the chain pinpoints areas with a high density of young people and chooses their locations accordingly. Their next step in appealing to Millennials is the release of their new loyalty app, MY Life, this September.

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