Raw food bars – it’s not just for sushi anymore!

Jun 15, 2010

When it comes to nutritious eating, going raw is certainly the healthiest route. If you believe that a salad is the only option, think again! When you’re in a pinch and craving an un-boring, delicious, healthy meal, check out your local raw food bar.

What exactly is raw food dining? As the name implies, this type of cuisine is uncooked, unprocessed, prepared primiarly with vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains. Raw food cuisine is ideal for vegetarians, vegans, or anyone seeking a healthful meal.

118 Degrees in Costa Mesa, California, is the quintessential raw food eatery. What’s with the name? 118 degrees is the temperature which maximizes the nutritional value of the food eaten — now that’s a clever name! Their mission statement, “ to empower the community of Orange County with fresh, organic living cuisine, presented in an artful context, to be enjoyed with family and friends. “  Creative dishes such as the “Living Lasagna : Layers of Marinated Italian Vegetables, Creamy Ricotta and Sweet Basil Marinara. Topped with Crispy Tomato,”  and  “Dos Tacos Plate: Portobello Mushroom Soft Taco in Chili-Flax Wrap, Verde Crispy Taco served on Nappa Cabbage Leaf, Rojo Salsa, Guacomole and Nopales Corn Salad,” leave patrons coming back for more.

Raw food bars are becoming increasingly popular as more people seek healthier lifestyles. You’ll be amazed at how delicious raw can really be!