The Harbor Grill

The Harbor Grill testimonial

We hired Synergy Consultants for 3 reasons:

1) Our restaurant opened in 1984 and while we are profitable each year, we felt we had a bit of tunnel vision and lacked perspective when it came to current culinary trends and procedures.  We needed to become more efficient and contemporary without drastically changing a proven concept.

2) We were seeking a creative way to combat minimum wage increases rather than just raising prices.

3) The development where our restaurant is located is going to get remodeled soon.  We’ll eventually get a new and bigger restaurant.  We needed consult on concept, menu and interior design, as well as, financial risk and reward.

Before our operation with Synergy started, I told myself, “Listen to everything they say…you don’t have to do everything they say… but at least listen.”  

Once our project was underway the detail of the Synergy process became very clear.  The Synergy team embraced our strengths, exposed our opportunities and were thoughtful with their remedies and recommendations.

So far, I’ve implemented much of what Synergy recommended.  Most of their recommendations quickly showed merit.  Some ideas we tried didn’t end up working for us, but to be honest, led us into newer ideas or ways to be more self-sufficient.  I still have a list of recommendations from Synergy that I’m excited to implement in the future.

Since our operation with Synergy ended, their follow up and support has been exceptional.  And the results speak for themselves! 

  • Compared to last year (pre-Synergy) to this current year (post-Synergy) my profits are up 98%.  This was accomplished through menu innovation and ‘trade-up’ offerings to guests which resulted in an increased spend of $3 per person.  We did not raise our prices.
  • Synergy also furnished us with a concept book acting as a vibrant road map to present to our landlord, investors and financial institutions.  Along with a proforma P&L detailed to a granular level.

From Bouillabaisse to the bottom line, Synergy proved themselves as business minded, hospitality professionals with expertise and ideas relevant to everything in our industry.

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