Marina City Club

Marina City Club

Synergy Restaurant Consultants provided exactly the type of expert guidance necessary for the Marina City Club Restaurant Board to improve operational efficiency and food quality at the Marina City Club Restaurant.  The Marina City Club Restaurant is a food service business that includes a full-service restaurant and bar, full service café, banquets and catering services, poolside service, take-out and delivery service to occupants of 600 condominiums, 500 outside members, 101 apartment lessees and 353 boat slip renters.  

As an attorney without any prior experience in the food and beverage industry, I never expected to be appointed Interim President of a Restaurant Corporation.  I was charged with the leadership of a difficult environment, and, while I am unable to divulge certain information about the circumstances underlying the engagement with Synergy Restaurant Consultants, it was a tremendously challenging environment with seemingly insurmountable barriers to achieve clarity or progress.  

With Synergy’s help, I never felt like I was alone and in fact, Dean answered the phone almost every time I called at almost any hour of the day.  Synergy Restaurant Consultants bravely approached and expertly navigated this challenging environment, devoted countless hours to carefully observe and thoroughly understand the food service operation, patiently listened to members of the Restaurant Board and Restaurant Committee and ultimately helped define strategies to improve operational efficiency and food quality at the Marina City Club Restaurant.  

Synergy Restaurant Consultants prepared a confidential comprehensive report full of valuable information for the Restaurant Board that identified challenges as well as solutions.  Dean, Monica, Anne and Gary prepared and delivered an effective PowerPoint presentation to communicate the highlights of the report that could be shared with the Marina City Club Condominium Owners Association, which was very well-received.  

If you are looking for restaurant consultants with a “can-do attitude” able to navigate any environment that will provide exceptional customer service, expert guidance, information reports that communicate concrete strategies to achieve desired outcomes, and an unparalleled devotion to their work, then look no further than Synergy Restaurant Consultants. 

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