Hudson Valley Italian Restaurants

Just a note to say thanks for the excellent work Tim and you did for us this past week. I have spoken with many in the ownership team since arriving home yesterday and their excitement over the opportunity to put into action the things you shared with us. I’ve had the chance over the years to work with many, many consultants coming into my plants to help us improve. I would categorize your approach to be quite different. Other consultants with whom I’ve worked seemed to arrive with a predetermined model that my team was expected to embrace and implement. Your approach was to evaluate who we are, what we do, how we do it, and what our competitors are doing and then develop the action plans that we can implement to improve. I like that process much better and I can see from my partners that they are liking it to.

I would also add that the interpersonal skill of Tim and you are very complimentary to the work you do.

The go forward plan for us now will be to get your report into the hands of every partner, let them digest it, convene as a group and determine our strategy to implement an action plan that will include continuing to partner with Synergy as we move alone our growth/improvement path. Thanks again.

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