Great Wolf Lodge

I worked directly with the Synergy team over multiple operations, menu and concept development projects and as an extension of that collaboration, worked

with Jim Campbell for about a year on improving the supply chain programs for Great Wolf Lodge. Jim and I worked well together and I always found his communication with both myself and other Great Wolf team members was excellent. Together we determined the best course for the supply chain project. Jim worked directly with vendors to complete a distribution analysis and ultimately he recommended we change our distributor resulting in approximately $200,000 in annual savings. When we agreed to go through the change in distributors, Jim managed the initial implementation. There were several other key individual product projects within supply chain that he worked on for Great Wolf. Product savings for new suppliers and renegotiated price agreements from existing price agreements amounted to $300,000. Key products in the product savings number were bacon, chicken tenders, fries, and eggs. Combined distribution and product savings came to $500,000 for our company.

What was eye opening was that our new owners brought in two high profile consulting companies specifically for procurement. They estimated we had about

a million in F&B savings that could be achieved in partnership by leveraging their other big brands. As they looked closer at ‘our spend’, they realized we are just super tight with our buying since we worked with Jim and Synergy. Bottom line is even these procurement consultants couldn’t find any more savings for us. I felt it is also important to mention as you navigated that agreement with USF and Foodbuy, we have managed to expand it and drive more savings so you should get the credit here for setting that foundation which allowed Great Wolf Lodge save an additional $500K

Synergy exceeded expectations and we were very satisfied with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other restaurateurs for operational or supply chain projects.

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