Chihuly Garden & Glass

Collections Café a vibrant restaurant connected to Chihuly Garden & Glass. The restaurant has an amazing aesthetic but had troubles, quarter after quarter, with finding the right market and managing the bottom line. After a very successful engagement with Synergy in a previous company, contacting Dean Small and his team was, in retrospect, an incredible decision.

Synergy has been incredibly helpful in guiding our management team, and myself, in developing, implementing, and carrying out strategies to help increase our efficiency and profitability. We experienced a fairly immediate turn after the engagement kicked off and the Synergy team took us from an operating loss to a profit in just four months. Today all arrows are pointing in the right direction and Synergy’s contributions to our company have been absolutely quantifiable and measurable. Labor productivity is well over PY and beat budget; costs and expenses are well under goal. We attribute a lot of our extraordinary turnaround and our operating excitement to what we learned from our work with Synergy.

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