Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch

Since 1979, Canyon Ranch has established its reputation as the leading health and wellness resort company and wellness spa provider. The facilities that support this reputation are two world-class destination resorts (Tucson – Arizona, Lenox – Massachusetts), the largest spa in the world (Las Vegas), and 22 spas on board cruise ships (Cunard, Regent, Oceania and Celebrity).

We continue to look for expansion opportunities and have considered targeted culinary to be a prime objective. After consideration of 6 different national restaurant concept companies, we chose Synergy Restaurant Consultants based on their reputation and clear process.

When the exercise was completed we were very happy with the deliverables and valuable advice that we received. While Canyon Ranch has already opened 10+ restaurants over the years, Dean Small and his team were able to give us new insight into operational dynamics, service models and ultimately profit generation. We have hired Synergy to assist with other projects and would do so again.

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