People + Process = Success

Apr 21, 2021

By Mike Walls, Operations Consultant & Beverage Certified Cicerone

In a recent conversation with our friends at RASI, an accounting system, and educational service, we discussed the perils of implementing new technology without firmly establishing the fundamentals in systems, training, and operations to put good data into the system to get the results you need.

Many technology platforms can help to build those standards and best practices, and they’re getting better at it all the time, but there are a few issues that we repeatedly see in the field:

  1. Wobble: Wobble occurs during growth periods, periods of high turnover, or in businesses with “telephone training” where information is passed from one person to the next without referencing source material or with no system of skills validation and accountability. Over time, the “why” is forgotten, steps are skipped, and what was once a firmly planted brand or practice begins to wobble from its foundation, which turns into more of a hindrance than a solution.
  2. Over-reliance on technology: Sometimes, we rely too heavily on our technology solution or process and not enough on the people executing tasks. People + Process = Success. Both are needed, and one doesn’t work without the other. Try to think of your technology resource as 50% of the solution and your team as the other 50%. Train the team, tell them why, and hold them accountable. Make sure they have the tools to exceed your expectations. Refresh training regularly and make sure that no key players are left behind.


training for restaurant staff
On-going restaurant training is crucial


Many symptoms can be treated by addressing the underlying problem that is a lack of training. This should be the top priority of any growth-oriented company. New technology can help get you where you want to go, but to make the solutions long-term, you need to remember the other half of the equation and continuously work to keep your team empowered.