On Empowerment Through Building Systems and an Update on Sync

Feb 15, 2021

By Mike Walls


In Gino Wickman’s book, Traction, he says, “There is a direct correlation between adherence to core processes and your own ability to let go. Handing over a turnkey system to an accountable leader makes it easier to delegate and elevate. As long as they follow the process and possess the skill set to do the job, you’ll be confident that the job at hand will be handled correctly.”


This is a foundational concept in the Synergy Sync Operating System. So much depends on understanding this principle.


However, there is a problem we often see when reviewing the systems others have built: You only know what you know. Understanding that you need to develop a system is one thing, creating the system in the most effective way is another. We have spent decades helping people build turnkey systems and have learned a lot while doing it.


When we built our online training and operations platform, Synergy Sync, our goal was to give you more than a headstart in your business’s systemization. We wanted you to have a road map, a cheat sheet, and maybe even some performance-enhancing systems at your fingertips.


The feedback we’ve received so far indicates that we have achieved many of the goals we set out to accomplish with this program. Clients are opening new locations that are now systemized. Chains are implementing new operating systems across multiple existing locations based on our principles. We’re so grateful for all those involved in this launch and wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has chosen to build better systems with us, to empower their teams, and to free themselves to grow and prosper. We will continue adding valuable content to Synergy Sync and look forward to growing with you.

Restaurant management certification

A recent testimonial “…I found the content to be very precise, detailed, and beneficial in many ways. It emphasizes the importance of having a well-structured system in place…” Neo D.


And another, “We have seen a rise in guest check average and feedback on food and service quality and repeat business!” Suzanne B.


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