New Discoveries: Why Thrive Culinary Algae Oil is Awesome

Nov 16, 2016

Recently, we had the opportunity to attend the reTHINK Food Conference and were privy to some new culinary breakthroughs, methods and products. One product totally rocked our world and is poised to change the way we all cook.


The product in question? Thrive Culinary Algae Oil. What’s so remarkable about it is that it allows the flavors of your food to really shine through without greasing it up or adding excess fats. It’s great for cooking and baking, and it can even be used to create sublime salad dressings.

Thrive Algae Oil
Thrive Algae Oil

Cooking with it is a dream, but there are many other benefits to using Thrive Culinary Algae Oil that we just love.


  1. Algae is a superfood

It’s one of the world’s original superfoods, too. It’s also one of our planet’s most completely sustainable sources of food.


  1. Highest levels of good fat

Out of all the cooking oils you can choose to make your culinary creations, only Thrive Algae Oil has the highest level of monounsaturated fat in it. That’s the good kind of fat, which is something your body needs. One tablespoon gives you that same amount of monounsaturated fat that you’d get from one whole avocado, which is 13g.


  1. Less saturated fat than olive oil

Olive oil was once considered the healthiest of oils to cook with. And while it’s still not bad, it could be better. Thrive Algae Oil has less saturated fat than olive oil. 75% to be precise. That’s a much better choice for those who care about keeping a healthy heart.


  1. The algae is grown in a controlled environment

The algae used to make Thrive Algae Oil is grown in a controlled environment that is kept pure. Inside fermenters, the algae are given renewable plant sugars so they can make oil in only a few days. The algae is then pressed to release the oil, much in the same way as coconut oil and oils from seeds are created.


  1. No waste means it’s better for our world

Leftover algae is able to be used again for renewable energy and a variety of other uses. That means it can reduce the carbon and water footprint of cooking oil everywhere.


Caring for ourselves and our environment through the foods we eat is one of the biggest things to take hold of the culinary world. It’s about taking healthy and making it tasty, farm-to-table fresh, and sustainable for enjoyment the world over for years to come.


If you are interested in making a difference with you food lets schedule an informal conversation to discuss how we can help bring innovation to your menu.