National Margarita 3-Day Weekend

Mar 08, 2020

We are so excited to launch a new restaurant in Vancouver, Washington,  DosAlas Latin Kitchen & Tequila Bar. The Synergy culinary team has been working hard in the test kitchen, perfecting the menu, and now we’re onsite for construction. Last week our client hosted a huge event, open to the public, to celebrate National Margarita Day at his current restaurant, Jorge’s Margarita Factory. We were there to provide support during the event and to garner local interest and increase foot traffic. It was a great opportunity also to let guests know about the new restaurant, DosAlas, opening in June.

While National Margarita Day fell on Saturday, February 22, our client decided that the party didn’t have to be limited to one day. Locals gathered to drink over-the-top margaritas and indulge in delicious Mexican cuisine over the entire weekend—what a party! We want to extend a huge thanks to all that joined in the celebration!

With new restaurant startups, it’s crucial to get the buzz started early. Unfortunately, it’s not enough in the restaurant business to only serve fantastic food in a beautiful location. We are experts in helping new restaurants create awareness. Our marketing team crafts events around the various holidays to create brand buzz. Promoting the restaurant by capitalizing on national food holidays and events is just one piece of the whole restaurant marketing pie. Our Brand Development and Marketing arm take strategic steps to ensure restaurant startups gain the visibility needed to ensure things start on the right track! Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you.