More than Green Beer: How Bars and Restaurants Can Ride the St. Patrick’s Day Wave

Mar 10, 2015


With St. Patrick’s Day and the affiliated weekend right around the corner, bars, restaurants and their patrons might ponder up images of green beer and Irish Car Bombs.


The bad news? Green beer will likely stain your bar top (and eventually the bartender’s hands). Irish Car Bombs’ dual shot and pint glass requirements can back up your dishwashing.


The good news? Restaurants and bars don’t have to go overly cheesy to participate in a bit of fun and relevance, though different approaches will work for different concepts. Here’s some (Irish) food for thought, thanks to Synergy’s own Brad “Paco” Miller:


•  Use Guinness to upgrade caramelized onions or Bailey’s to snazz up a chocolate frosting.

• Leave green mints when presenting guests with their check. “Higher end concepts might give each lady a simple green flower,” Miller notes.

•  Incorporate corned beef anything. “I like the idea of miniature corned beef sliders,”  though Miller reminds concepts that this might not work everywhere.

•  Don’t forget great service: “Especially for busy bars, people almost expect slow, miserable service this weekend. Staff your bar appropriately and leave people pleasantly surprised.”


Turn up the Celtic tunes, and as always, for help with virtually any facet of foodservice operations, contact Synergy.