Menu Descriptions and Familiar Ingredients Important to Health-Conscious Consumers

Sep 07, 2014

Mintel just released new consumer research with some interesting statistics on healthy eating and what drives the purchases of health-conscious consumers. Here are some facts you should know:

• 38% of adults are more likely to order a healthy menu item if it sounds delicious in the menu description
• 27% of consumers prefer to order healthy menu items with familiar ingredients (as opposed to unfamiliar superfoods)
• 9% of Americas feel that ‘gluten-free’ denotes a healthy choice
• 39% believe that entrees with more fruits and vegetables are healthier
• 37% believe that items with low calorie counts are healthy choices
• 34% believe dishes with low sodium are healthy options
• 24% of American consumers are not interested in eating healthfully at restaurants. They view eating out as a treat.
• 24% of Americans are interested in healthy choices at restaurants but usually opt for the unhealthy meals instead.

So, what does this data mean for foodservice operators? While some diners are not interested in healthy restaurant choices, there are still many who are seeking healthful options. Take time and make sure your healthy menu items are described well and sound delicious in your menu descriptions. In order to entice diners to order these options, be sure to include familiar items and fruits and vegetables in your healthy menu choices.

Read the entire article here.

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